Tillandsia Harrisii

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This is NOT an Aquarium Plant. It is a house plant or outdoor plant.

Sold As: 1 Plant (approx 3"-4" Tall)

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Bright indirect light / Partial Shade 

Growth Rate: Slow

Tillandsias aka Air Plants are beautiful plants that can be put virtually anywhere. They are like Epiphytes, meaning they don't need to and shouldn't be potted in soil or any other growing media. They grow in crevasses of trees, rocks, etc. Since they like to go wedged into things this is exactly how you should plant these. People often put them in glass containers (without a lid). I have several planted on dragon stone on one of my aquariums where the stone is above the water line. This brings me up to another point, you do not want to keep these plants wet. They like to be dry. You should only water them once a week (depending on where you have them and your temperatures. In winter months you can water less frequently. When watering the plant you should soak them in a container of water with their bottoms up. Allow them to soak for 10-20 minutes. After you soak them you want to gently shake off any excess water. You should also allow them to dry for a few hours before placing them back. Watering should take place about once a week depending on where they are. You can mist them every few days but this shouldn't replace you soaking them. They do need moderate light to survive so placing them in a sunny room or near your aquarium can work. But be careful they don't like direct sun. Air Plants can be fertilized every month with a orchid or bromeliad fertilizer, but you should dilute it down to 1/4 strength as Air Plants are very sensitive to fertilizer especially ones with copper.


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