Holidays & Covid Shipping 2020

Hey There,

We have been seeing a massive amount of delays from USPS because of the increased amount of shopping online and the impacts of COVID. This is affecting most packages we are shipping. We have been getting swamped with people asking about their packages so I made a little Q&A page to hopefully make this easier on us to respond to everyone.

  • 1. My tracking hasn't updated I wanted to see what's going on with it?
    • Answer: Your order was shipped the very next day of the date the label says it was created. Unfortunately, we only have the same information you have from USPS's tracking site. Many packages are not having their tracking updated but still arriving some days later.
  • 2. Its been "X" amount of days since you shipped, are my plants dead?
    • Answer: Usually most plants can survive up to 14 days in transit. We will still honor our Live Arrival Guarantee through these delays we are seeing. If when the plants arrive there is any that look like they wont make it, take photos of them in the packaging and we will review them. If we see they are dead or wont make it we will ship you out replacements. 
  • 3. When should I expect my plants?
    • Answer: Normally packages would arrive between 1-3 days from shipping as we use Priority mail. Because of the delays we are seeing an average of 11 day transit time, but in some cases it may take a few more days to get to you.
  • 4. What if my package is lost?
    • Answer: We deem a package lost when it does not arrive on the 14th from the date we dropped it off at the post office. Usually after 14 days in transit the plants chances of being viable drop considerably on each following day. If on the 14th day since we dropped it off you still have not received the package please contact us and we will reship the order.

We do apologize for the delays but once we hand the packages off to USPS the shipping times are out of our hands. If you have any additional questions please feel free to shoot us another email.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!