Alternanthera Reineckii Bronze

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Alternanthera Reineckii Bronze is a beginner friendly bronze aquarium stem plant.

Also called Scarlet Temple 'Bronze'. Alternanthera Reinckii Bronze will add a nice splash of reddish bronze to your aquarium and it does not need a lot of light to do so.  It does grow a bit slower then other stem plants. Alternanthera Reineckii Bronze has a bit more of a compact leaf structure then other Alternantheras.

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low - Medium

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Slow -  Medium

Origin: South America

Tank Placement: Midground-Background

Tank Size: Because most stem plants can range in size and can be trimmed to fit your tank accordingly we recommend this plant for all tank sizes.

Plants that are listed as "stems" mean they are trimmed from our own collection. These trimming will vary in size but typically they are 3" or more in length.


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