Assassin Snails

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  • Mind your weather and add a Heat Pack or Cold Pack depending on your temperatures.
  • Snails will come in a plastic container with a damp paper towel. When you open the snails, smell the inside of the container. If there is no rancid or rotting smell the snails should all be alive. A slight smell could mean there is some that didn't make the trip.
  • Place all snails in one area in your tank so you can keep track of them. Make sure the opening of their shells are facing down. They will usually start moving within a few hours but could take a few days. 
  • Sizes of snails will vary between 1/8"-1/2" in size.
  • Please read DOA policy below.

Got a pest snail problems? Assassin snails are my favorite solution for dealing with unwanted snails in a tank. Assassin snails will usually bury themselves in the substrate and wait for passing by snails to ambush and attack. They are a great way to control an out of control pest snail problem. Once all the pest snails are gone they will eat left over food that hits the bottom of the tank. You can continue to feed them food so they breed and stay on patrol just in case you get any more snails. Or you can lighten up your feedings and their numbers will reduce to nothing as they will starve. A single assassin cannot breed without a partner, however 2 or more will breed in freshwater aquariums with little effort. Also take into consideration these are snails, they will take a bit to wipe out all the snails. The more assassins you get the faster the clean up will happen.

Assassin Snail Care:

Best kept between 68°f and 74°f.

Feed meaty foods such as blood worms, snails, or other high protein foods. (Will eat algae wafers usually also).

Will need calcium in diet or water once pest snails are dealt with.

DOA Policy:

We will only replace, refund, or partial refund these snails if more then 50% are DOA, and that you ordered a heat pack or cold pack if it was needed. We will ask though that you place snails in your tank for up to a week to see if they are in fact dead or not. Please note the "Free Snails" are there to compensate for any DOA's that could happen and will not be considered part of the 50%.

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