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Bladder Snails are either hated or loved depending on the hobbyist. I personally don't mind bladder snails in my aquarium. THESE SNAILS WILL NOT EAT HEALTHY PLANTS, IF THEY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE EATING PLANTS, THE PLANTS AREN'T HEALTHY.

Benefits of Bladder Snails.

  • Decent Algae Eaters.

    • There are better snails for eating algae, but since they breed in tanks so easy... if you had an army of these guys, they would do a good job. They will also eat dying plant matter which will help to clean your aquarium.

  • Bladder Snails are a good gauge for what's going on with your tank.

    • If you have way too many in your tank, then you are over feeding the tank or not cleaning enough.

    • They will reproduce like rabbits if enough food is available in your tank.

  • Great live food for puffers, loaches, etc. 

    • If you want, you can even crack open their shells and feed them to bigger fish like Cichlids.

Bladder Snail Care:

Can be kept even outdoors in short winter areas. Best kept between 60°f and 84°f.

You don't need to feed these snails specifically. They will usually eat whatever is left over, or graze on algae.

Should feed foods occasionally that are high in calcium. Or have a source of calcium in your tank.


  • Bladder Snails will come in a plastic container with a damp paper towel. When you open the snails, smell the inside of the container. If there is no rancid or rotting smell the snails should all be alive. A slight smell could mean there is some that didn't make the trip.

  • Place all snails in one area in your tank so you can keep track of them. Make sure the opening of their shells is facing down. They will usually start moving within a few hours but could take a few days. 

  • Sizes of snails will vary between 1/8"-1/2" in size.

  • You may receive a mixture of Bladder Snails, Pond Snails, and Ramshorn snails, they all will virtually behave the same.

  • Please read DOA policy below.

    DOA Policy:

    We will only replace, refund, or partial refund these snails if more than 50% are DOA. We will ask though that you place snails in your tank for up to a week to see if they are in fact dead or not. Please note the "Free Snails" are there to compensate for any DOA's that could happen and will not be considered part of the 50%.

    ***Please note, there is a chance you'll get some of these for free as hitchhikers on some plants. I made this item for those that either want these as pets, to breed, or.... to feed to their snail eating fish (AND Yes I am totally judging you if you are going to feed them to your fish... JK).***

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