Bucephalandra Godzilla

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Bucephalandra is usually a low level growing, sometimes flowering plant found in Borneo. It is a undemanding plant in most scenarios, the most vibrant and large growth can be exhibited when using CO2 injection, high light, and good water movement although it can be kept with minimal fertilization and light.

Bucephalandra Godzilla is a variation of the plant family Araceae that has a longer leaf with some ruffling, this variation grows a little larger than some species medium in size that is great for a beginning aquarist. The leaves of this variation can turn brown/red in color when grown submerged over a period of time. You can propagate this plant by cutting the rhizome and attaching the piece to driftwood and rocks.

Main Benefits:

  • Low to medium light plant for easy maintenance
  • Easy to attach to decoration in the tank for easy growth
  • Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp
  • Unique and uncommon plant for your aquarium

More Information: 

You will receive a random piece of Bucephalandra which will usually contain a minimum of 3-4 leaves.