Cold Pack - Shipping add on!

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Don't worry if you forgot to add me to your order. Just add to cart and check out and we will make sure it make it into your order and refund the addition shipping that was charged.

You only need to add 1 of these to your order.

Even if you order one we may not add it to your order as if temperatures are below 90°F cold packs will freeze the plants. We will issue you a refund if we do not use one.

Are you in a region that is exceeding 90­°F? Well make sure you add this item onto your order so we can ensure your plants stay at a temperature that they will be ok in. Please note Cold Packs can only work up to 105°F effectively. If temperatures exceed that we may hold back the package until temperature are below 105°F.

These cold packs are reusable and are completely safe for human skin contact or too cool your cooler at the beach!


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