Glossostigma - Complete Aquatics Tissue Culture

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Glossostigma is a great small plant for those smaller sized tanks. Glossostigma is a somewhat demanding plant and will need high light and co2 in order to carpet well. It will grow tall if you're lighting isn't adequate and can be used as a midground stem plant. It will both be able to reproduce through runners and propagating the stems when trimming. It is a very small delicate plant and needs to be kept with smaller sized fish. Bigger fish like Boesemani Rainbow eat it. (I know from experience!)

Scientific Name: Glossostigma Elatinoides

Sold As:Tissue Culture Cup

Care Level: Medium

Lighting Requirement: Med - High

Co2: Preferred for carpeting

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: Australia

Tank Placement: Foreground as carpet or mid-ground.

Glossostigma - Complete Aquatics Tissue Culture - H2O Plants