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    Hydrocotyle tripartita  "Japan" is a very popular aquarium plant made famous by aquacapers such as Takashi Amano. It remains a great choice for aquascapers today.  This plant is a great addition to your aquarium due to its versatility. It can be used in the foreground, mid-ground, and background of your aquarium.

    This species of plant thrives best using a nutrient rich soil with additional fertilization (our preference is the Brightwell line of soil which can be found by clicking here). If not provided with enough nutrients, it can decrease the ability of this plant to spread. The use of CO2 in the aquarium will increase the plants ability to grow but is not necessary.

    *Rapid changes in tank parameters can result in the melting of the plant

    Scientific Name: Hydrocotyle tripartita

    Light Requirements: Medium to High

    Care Level: Easy/Medium

    Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. Propagation of this plant is achieved by cutting horizontal runners and moving them to a new place or allow them to travel naturally beneath the substrate. 

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