Tropica Nutrition Capsules | Aquarium Plant Root Tab Fertilizer

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Tropica Nutrition Capsules are a slow release aquarium root fertilizer that will provide the necessary nutrients for plants to grow healthy.

  • Nutrition Capsules contain both nitrogen, phosphor, iron and micro nutrients.

  • The nutrients are slowly released as the plants need them.

So if you have a sand or gravel substrate this is perfect for you as they don't have nutrients to begin with. If you have a plant specific substrate this is still great because it adds extra nutrients to the substrate that may have already been used.


Push to the bottom of your substrate either with tweezers or fingers. The gel capsule will dissolve after a few minutes of being wet and all the contents will be securely beneath the substrate. Do not put directly under plants! Spread out at least 1" away from the base of the plants. Each root tab will cover a 5"x5" square. Replace root tabs every 2-3 months or as needed. (Always start off with less in the beginning.)


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