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Are you new to plants or just can't make up your mind? Well introducing Plant Packages! These are great for new planted tank hobbyist as well as someone who just wants to new plants but can't make up their minds on which plants to pick. I will send you a mystery box of plants that I feel will work well with your tank. Most plants selected will be easy plants and be able to grow under low light. 

These plants will be geared towards Shrimp Tanks. You can expect floating plants, moss, anubias, java ferns, crypts, vals, aponogeton, and other bulb like plants.

If you are looking for a particular plant in the package or you want me to exclude any plant, you can put it in the comments at checkout and I will try to accommodate that if possible. You can buy addition plants with the plant package if they are in stock, however I cannot guarantee which plants you will get in the package itself

Please select the option that best fits your tank. This will help me pick out plants that will suite the tank you have. Also in the notes at check out describe your tank with some details, "Live stock you have, hardscapes, lighting, substrate" Or email me a picture once you get your order receipt!

**You will get a second order confirmation sent to your email before your order ships with all the plants I picked for you.**

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Shrimp Mystery Box Plant Package - H2O Plants