Signature Scape 03

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Please order Signature Scapes in a separate order from plants and other goods!


Looking to take your tank to the next level? Well with our new project Signature Scapes you can get a one of a kind hard scape for your tank. These scapes are not put together by just anyone, these are created by professional aquascapers.

This particular scape was made by Alex Forsythe, New York Reefapalooza's 2017 Fresh Fest Champion. He is a new comer into the professional world of aquascaping but don't let that fool you. Fresh Fest was his first competition and he took first place, against both the returning champions from the prior year and other known aquascapers.

This scape features a miniature canyon scape made in a 2 gallon cube (8"x8"x8" cube). With opposing stones on each side creating a wonderful field of depth. We recommend some crypt parva for the edges in forground and some dwarf hair grass or micro sword for the foreground.

PLEASE NOTE: What you see is what you get (hardscape only)! The tank did not have water in it and the colors of the hardscapes will change in water. You will also need to rinse the hardscape before putting it in a tank. The scape is does not come put together. The pictured scape is simply to show you what the scapers came up with for the package, but you can ofcourse make a scape to your liking.