Stainless Steel Suction Cup Ledges

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We are happy to now be able to offer these stainless steel ledges. They carefully craft these ledges out of stainless steel and make ledges with suction cups attached to them. They will allow you to stick plants like Anubias, Bucephlandra, or Moss in places you wouldn't be able to normally be able to. Just tie the plant of your choice to the ledge using fishing twine, cotton string, zip ties, or super glue.

Shrimp caves don't attached to the glass. They are used on the ground and you can attach plants to it. Shrimp will climb in and out of the holes. Amano shrimp or bamboo shrimp will be too big to climb in. You can also put food underneath the cave so fish won't eat it but your shrimp can!

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