Tropica Java Fern Lace | Microsorum Pteropus Windelov

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Java Fern Lace is a fancy version of the typical Java Fern. Java Fern Lace is a very resilient plant and is great for beginners to try. Java Fern Lace grows by having a horizontal rhizome and producing vertical leaves. When planting the Java Fern Lace, do not bury the rhizome in your substrate. Only bury the roots, attach it to driftwood, or attach to rocks.

The leaves on the Java Fern Lace may turn black and start to disintegrate, but this is normal; leave the plant and within a few days to few weeks you will see little baby plants coming out of the dying leaves. This is how Java Fern Lace adjusts and propagates to new tank conditions.

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Slow

Origin: Indonesia

Tank Placement: Midground

Tank Size: Any size, because Java Fern plants grow slowly they are great for any sized aquarium.

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Tropica Java Fern Lace | Microsorum Pteropus Windelov - H2O Plants