Italian Val

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Italian Val

 Scientific Name: Vallisneria spiralis  

Common Names:  Vallisneria, Italian Vallisneria

The Italian Val is a popular and widely recognized aquarium plant known for its rapid growth and ease of care, making it suitable for aquarists of all skill levels. With its band-shaped leaves and dense green stands, it quickly fills up the tank, providing a lush green backdrop. This plant requires minimal maintenance and is often chosen by beginners as their first aquatic plant. Regular trimming may be necessary to prevent it from overtaking the tank.

For optimal growth, the Italian Val requires sufficient lighting and the presence of trace elements in the water, which may necessitate occasional fertilizer supplementation. It thrives in temperatures ranging from 18°C to 28°C and prefers slightly alkaline water with moderate hardness. Overall, the Italian Val is an excellent choice for aquarists looking to add vibrant greenery to their aquarium without the need for specialized care.

Caring for  Italian Val

Care Level: Easy

Light: Low - Medium

CO2: Not necessary 

Fertilizer or Shrimp Safe Fertilizer 

Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. 

 *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*