Here is a list of our most asked questions.

Q. Do you ship to "blank" country?
A. Unfortunately we are only able to ship within the 50 states of the USA, and Puerto Rico.

Q. When will this "plant" be back in stock?
A. We typically restock once a week between Wednesday and Friday. If plants you are looking for still are not in stock, you can sign up to be notified for that particular plant when its back in stock on its page.

Q. I have 2 discount codes can I combine them?
A. Unfortunately no, limitations of our website only allow one code at checkout per order.

Q. Where is your shop located?
A. We operate out of New Jersey, but it is out of my basement, so there is no physical location for customer to come to at the moment. If you are local to Hillside Nj and want to pick up your order choose local pickup at checkout and send us an email saying you would like to pickup to arrange a time and spot.

Q. Can I get plants for free?
A. If you sign up to our rewards program you can earn points to redeem. If you are a content creator for Youtube or Instagram please shoot us an email with your information and we will see if you meet our criteria.

Q. Can I cancel an order?
A. Please feel free to contact us if you need to cancel an order. However, due to being a small business, the only way we can accommodate cancellations is by charging a 15% cancellation fee on the cost of the livestock and product. If you need us to hold a package for tank issues we will waive this fee for you. 

Q. Do I need co2 to keep your plants?
A. Generally No. It depends on each plant. Most plants we sell do not require co2, but some do. Each plant will say if it needs it in its description.

Q. Is there a risk I can get snails/algae/duckweed/(other "pests") from your plants?
A. There is always a risk plants from our tanks can have "pests" such as these. The only way to truly avoid this is buying tissue culture plants. We do include cleaning instructions in every order for how to reduce the risk of getting any pests. We also recommend watching this video to see more about cleaning plants.