Our Plants


Whether you are looking for beginner plants to just get started or some of the rarest in the hobby we have you covered. We source some of the plants we sell from all over the United States, but we also grow several of the uncommon or rare ones in house. We sell both fully converted plants and emmersed plants. If you don’t exactly know what that means, let me explain. Most plants sold in retail stores or online are grown above water or “Emmersed”. This is very common in the aquarium trade but often after you take the plant that has been grown emmersed and fully submerge it in your tank, you will see most if not all the plant melt away after a few days to a few weeks. That’s not to say you would lose the whole plant but you will have to wait for it to grow completely back after its done melting. The reasons that plants are sold this way is because they will grow faster and easier then growing them fully submerged. However we allow the plants to begin their transitions in my tank for the ones we get that are emmersed. I make sure new growth is coming up and we remove the melting leaves before they ship out.

For the most part the Stem plants we sell are fully grown in our tanks, but their are a few exceptions. If it says emmersed or bundle that means its from out supplier and will need to convert fully. Plants like Anubias, Swords, Cypts, and Vals come from a nursery which grows them emmersed, but we do allow them to start transitioning in our tank.

We set up specially designed grow tanks to grow plants as fast and healthy as possible while still being submerged. All our tanks have powerful light fixtures along with Co2 and Nutrient rich water. This takes a lot of work to balance all these variables to minimize algae growth. While we do our best to keep these plants algae and other pests free, there is always a possibility that we missed something. You always want to inspect, rinse, and/or sterilize plants you get from any source. This will help to prevent any sort of hitchhikers that make be on the plants.

Due to how we grow the plants they can take some time to replenish the inventory of the plants. We try and update inventory weekly as new plants grow in but often people are messaging us  to buy plants even before we have a chance to update my stock. If there are ANY plants that you want feel free to message us like the others and we will help you with putting together an order. 

Keep in mind my tanks are setup for growth and health purposes of the plants. Some plants that you receive may be colored a little different then what is shown in the pictures, as some of those plants are in ideal conditions to bring out the full color in that plant. Also a lot like the emmersed plants some of the submerged plants may still melt some as this is normal for the plant to adjust to its new water conditions. Usually only a small bit of the submerged plant will melt and new growth will pop up within a few days to a week. Plants may also vary in size but all should be healthy and able to survive on its own.

If you have any questions at all about the plants we sell feel free to message us.