Java Fern | Microsorum Pteropus

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Java Fern is the most beginner friendly plant you can find. Java Ferns have been in the aquarium hobby pretty much from the beginning. Java Ferns are extremely hard to kill and should be able to survive in most conditions. Java Ferns have long finger like leaves. The leaves grow from the rhizome at the base of the plant. Java ferns have a unique characteristic then most plants, and that's the way that the plant reproduces. Java Fern leaves will usually have these orange or black dots running up the plant leaf typically in pairs. These dots will produce new baby plants on the leaf over time. Its best to leave them attached until they come off on their own or the mother leaf dies back, which is normal once its full of babies.

When planting the Java Fern, do not bury the rhizome in your substrate. Only bury the roots, attach it to driftwood, or attach to rocks.

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Medium

Origin: Indonesia

Tank Placement: Midground to Background

Tank Size: Java Ferns can get large over time. If you have a small nano aquarium get the potted plants as they are typically smaller than the mats. Mats are great for 10 or-more gallon tanks.

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