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Introducing our Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack - a carefully curated assortment of aquatic plants that will transform your aquarium into a lush underwater paradise! Whether you're new to the world of aquatic gardening or a seasoned enthusiast, this bundle offers a variety of plants to enhance the beauty and health of your aquarium. Valued at $95, this incredible pack is now available at a special sale price, making it an unbeatable value for aquarists of all levels.

Each Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack includes a diverse selection of aquatic plants, chosen to provide a dynamic and visually appealing aquatic environment. While specific plant varieties may vary based on availability, rest assured that we handpick each plant to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. Please note that we are unable to accommodate specific plant requests for this pack, as it is designed to offer a delightful surprise and variety to your aquatic landscape.

Here's what you can expect in your Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack:

  1. 1 x Floating Plant: Add dimension to your aquarium with a captivating floating plant. It provides shelter and shade for your aquatic inhabitants, creating a natural and soothing ambiance.

  2. 1 x Fern Plant: An elegant fern plant adds a touch of grace and charm to your underwater world. Its delicate fronds sway gently with the water's current, creating a mesmerizing effect.

  3. 1 x Anubias Plant: Known for its hardiness and striking green leaves, the Anubias plant is an excellent addition to any aquarium. Its unique appearance will be a focal point in your setup.

  4. 1 x Dwarf Lily or Red Tiger Lotus: Enjoy the vibrant hues of a dwarf lily or red tiger lotus as it produces eye-catching lily pads and radiant flowers, bringing a burst of color to your tank.

  5. 1 x Sword Plant: The sword plant adds a lush, bushy appearance to your aquarium, providing hiding spots and a naturalistic backdrop for your aquatic pets.

  6. 1 x Crypt Plant: Crypts are versatile, low-maintenance plants that offer both beauty and functionality. They enhance the aesthetics of your tank while contributing to the overall health of your aquatic ecosystem.

  7. 1 x Carpeting Plant: Create a stunning foreground with a carpeting plant, which spreads its lush foliage across the substrate, offering shelter and a natural look.

  8. 1 x Banana Plant: Unique in appearance, the banana plant adds a playful twist to your underwater landscape with its banana-like tubers and striking leaves.

  9. 2 x Stem Plant: Stem plants provide vertical interest and help maintain water quality by absorbing excess nutrients, promoting a balanced ecosystem.

With our Beginner Aquarium Plant Pack, you'll have everything you need to kickstart your aquatic garden and create a captivating underwater world for your fish and aquatic creatures. 

*All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*