Micro Sword | Liliaeopsis Brasiliensis

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Micro Sword 

Scientific Name:  Lilaeopsis brasiliensis | Lilaeopsis Novaezelandiae

Common Name:  Micro Sword 

Micro swords are a great plant for the foreground of an aquarium. They grow at a steady rate and spread through rhizomes. Micro swords do require a little more light than most plants we sell but are rather hardy considering. We recommend planting in small clumps and watch as the micro swords take over the foreground of an aquarium. It will start to become a ground cover and look similar to grass in your tank. 

Caring For Micro Sword 

Care Level:  Easy-Medium

Light:  Medium-High

CO2:  Recommended

Fertilizer or Shrimp Safe Fertilizer 

Propagation:  Spread through rhizomes or cut and replant

Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. 

 *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*