Vital - Plant Fertilizer (All-in-One)

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Vital is a fertilizer that is an all in one formula, specially designed for low to medium light aquarium plants. It provides all the Vital macro and micro nutrients your plants need to be healthy. It is derived from ingredients that are fish safe. Vital is packed into a squirt bottle that makes measuring out dosages extremely easy. The bottle holds 500ml (16.09oz) of liquid and will dose up to 2500 gallons.

When first using this product, we advise using half the recommended dosage for the first 2-4 dosings.

Recommended dose: 1 pump for every 10 gallons, 1-3 times a week.

Dosages will vary based on plant load and your results. If you notice algae outbreaks cut dose frequency to once a week and wait for algae to disappear then gradually work your way back up. 

Analysis: N (Nitrogen) 1.34%, P (Phosphorus) 0.10%, K (Potassium) 3.9%, Mg (Magnesium) 0.39%, S (Sulfur) 0.45%, B (Boron) 0.01%, Cu (Copper) 0.00%, Fe (Iron) 0.08%, Mn (Manganese) 0.02%, Mo (Molybdenum) 0.002%, Zn (Zinc) 0.01%.