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Elevate your freshwater aquarium with our Mystery Driftwood Box! This box includes 5 random pieces of 4+ inch driftwood or 20 random pieces of <4 inch driftwood. Types of wood may include but are not limited to spider wood, manzanita wood, neka driftwood and more!

Please note that we are unable to accommodate specific wood requests for this pack, as it is designed to offer a delightful surprise and variety to your aquatic landscape.

Key Features:

  • Essential for Shrimp Breeding 
  • Creates Surface Area for Bio-film and Bacterial to Grow
  • Releases Beneficial Tannin into the Water which Simulates the Natural Habitat of Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Places for Shrimp
  • Natural Feeding Ground for Shrimp of all Types

When asked, “What is the most essential part to a successful shrimp tank?” we will always respond with three key factors: leaf matter, java moss, and a piece of driftwood!