Aquarium Plants: The Practical Guide

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The Practical Guide to Aquarium Plants Book is a well-organized and detailed book that provides information to become an accomplished plant aquarist. Author Pablo Tepoot shares his knowledge on determining the correct choice of light and nutrition. Simple instructions are explained thoroughly on how to set up your tank and create an environment for beautiful plants to flourish. Of the 216 pages, 95% of the pages are all amazing photography. This is simply one of the best aquarium guides on the market!

Through this brilliant, unparalleled photography, hands-on experience, and detailed research, the author is able to present - in easy to read terms - this well organized and knowledgeable book of aquarium plants.

Armed with the information contained in this book, anyone can become an accomplished plant aquarist.

The variety of plants in this book reflects what is available today. Many new varieties have resulted from grower's interest in sport selection and hybridization.

The correct choice of light, coupled with proper nutrition, will cause your plants to flourish.

The author explains in simple terms, exactly how to set up your tank to accomplish the lush plant growth documented photographically in this book. If you follow the author's formula, you also will be able to grow plants as beautiful as those seen in the 200 brilliant photos of this book. The dark age of plastic plants is a thing of the past!

This Edition is in the following languages: ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, DUTCH.