Red Flame Sword | Echinodorus

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Red Flame Sword

Scientific Name: Echinodorus "Red Flame"

Common Name: Red Flame Sword, Echinodorus schlueteri x E. barthii hybrid

The Red Flame Sword is similar to other Echinodorus variations in its easiness to keep. This variation will provide you with a great red color under the correct conditions. If using an inert substrate it is wise to supplement with root tab fertilizers underneath the plant.

This species of plant thrives best using nutrient-rich soil with additional fertilization. If not provided with enough nutrients, it can decrease the ability of this plant to spread. The use of CO2 in the aquarium will increase the plant's ability to grow but is not necessary.

*Rapid changes in tank parameters can result in the melting of the plant

You will receive one (1) potted plant, Portion size may vary. 

Caring for Red Flame Sword

Care Level: Easy

Light: Low-Medium

CO2: Not necessary but can be beneficial 

Fertilizer or Shrimp Safe Fertilizer 

Propagation: Separate the runners from the plant and replant 


Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. 


For more information on this plant watch the video below:

Most plants are sold as trimmings from rooted plants unless otherwise stated. All trimmings will be at least 3" in height unless otherwise noted.