5 LB Bags - Brightwell Shrimp/Plant Soil - Brown (Rio Cafe)

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Rio Cafe by Brightwell Aquatics is an aquatic substrate that was designed specifically for shrimp and plants. This soil is for aquariums that require an acidic enviroment (pH of less than 7.0) and a low GH. It is suggested to use RO/DI or distilled water with this substrate in order to prolong the life and buffering ability. 

We use Brightwell substrate in all of our Caridina aquariums that require a pH of less than 7.0. We have used this soil for years and have had consistent results. If you are looking for a substrate for your shrimp or planted aquarium, look no further as this is the best you will find. 

Reason to Use: 

  • Designed to keep aquarium pH below 7.0
  • Perfect for Taiwan Bees, Pintos, Crystals and some Tiger shrimp
  • Encourages plant growth by lower the pH
  • Provides nutrients for root feeding plants
  • Establishes a health consistent environment for shrimp and plants 


    • Do not rinse before using
    • Shrimp Only - 1/2 inch of substrate (about 5 lbs per 10 gallons)
    • Plants and Shrimp - 1-2 inches of substrate (1-2 lbs per gallon)
    • Calculation - (aquarium length x aquarium width x substrate depth desired) / 60 = liters of substrate require (5 lbs = 2.6 L)


    • For shrimp aquariums, it is recommended to change the soil after 2 years
    • After time, the soil will lose it's ability to hold the pH below 7.0 
    • pH swings can be stressful to shrimp
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