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Blackwood Driftwood

Driftwood is an excellent piece of décor for your aquarium and is incredibly popular amongst aquarists of all experience levels. Of course, as many aquarists will already know, a high-quality piece of driftwood is more than just a decorative addition to your underwater world; it can also have many benefits for the water quality, as well as the creatures that live in your aquarium. Our Blackwood is a great piece of wood that will not only lower the pH of the water naturally, but will also be popular among your aquatic friends.

What is Blackwood?

Blackwood is very similar to Malaysian driftwood (or Diospyros Ebonasea). Blackwood is the root section of blackwood trees in Malaysia. These pieces of driftwood have a characteristic dark color with black streaks and have a high density, allowing it to easily sink in your aquarium.

What are the benefits of Blackwood?

As mentioned before, the addition of Blackwood to your aquarium can actually slightly lower the pH of your water, making it an excellent addition to your aquarium if you have freshwater fish. On top of that, compared to many other pieces of driftwood, Blackwood has a rather high rot resistance, allowing you to enjoy its benefits and beauty for a long time.

What will your aquatic inhabitants think of Blackwood?

There's a good reason why Blackwood is so popular amongst aquarists. Not only can small fish use it as a place to hide, but invertebrates can use it as a healthy food source as it starts to break down into the water.

What you will receive? 

You will receive one piece of Blackwood that will be around 4 to 6 inches in size. The size of each piece will vary. If ordering more than one piece, we will do our best to include different sizes and shapes.