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You will be receiving one (1) piece of Grapevine that will be between 5 to 12 inches in length. All pieces of wood will be linear in shape with 1 to 2 cut edges.

Please Note: Grapevine wood contains high levels of sugar which means that the wood will produce a lot of biofilm. Biofilm looks like a film of white mold growing on the wood. It is completely harmless and is an excellent food source for shrimp and other algae eating livestock. 

Key Features:

  • Essential for Shrimp Breeding 
  • Creates Surface Area for Bio-film and Bacterial to Grow
  • Releases Beneficial Tannin into the Water which Simulates the Natural Habitat of Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Places for Shrimp
  • Natural Feeding Ground for Shrimp of all Types

More Information:

When asked, “What is the most essential part to a successful shrimp tank?” we will always respond with three key factors: leaf matter, java moss, and a piece of driftwood. Grapevine is a unique wood for the aquarium and is more recently catching on in the aquarium hobby.

Unlike other woods, Grapevine is very light and will take time to sink. You will have to boil or cure the grapevine to get it to sink. The second reason we use grapevine, or any driftwood for that matter, is because it creates surface area. What we mean is this, shrimp need places to hide, graze and sit on. By adding driftwood to an aquarium, one can more than double the surface area in a tank. The final main benefit we see from using Grapevine is the tannins. These tannins leach from the driftwood into the water column carrying a multitude of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Although most people prefer clear aquarium water, here at Flip Aquatics we find that the slight discoloration adds character to the tank and allows the shrimp to feel more comfortable.

*This wood may grow a white bacteria after being submerged in the aquarium. It is harmless to your inhabitants. You can remove if unsightly and clean, or your tank inhabitants can graze on the bacteria. Will eventually go away with regular water changes and maintenance.