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Manzanita Wood

Manzanita is an all-time favorite among many hobby aquarists, and there's a good reason why. Not only does it look amazing in your aquatic landscape, but it also has many favorable physical properties that will benefit both the water quality of your aquarium and the health of your fish.

What is Manzanita Wood?

Manzanita wood is also known as Mountain Driftwood or simply Manzanita Driftwood. It originally comes from the Manzanita scrub, which is a small tree from Western North America. Its twisting branches with their red-orange color makes them incredibly sought-after by aquarists as a decorative addition to their aquarium.

What are the benefits of Manzanita Wood?

Manzanita wood is incredibly dense. In fact, it is some of the hardest driftwood you'll be able to find anywhere. On top of that, it is incredibly rot-resistant; so much so, that it can be a beautiful decorative piece in your aquarium for years.

What will your aquatic inhabitants think of Manzanita Wood?

Small aquatic creatures love using Manzanita Wood for shelter, and because it is naturally low in tannins, which are substances that will affect the pH of your water, it is perfect for placing in aquariums with fish that are sensitive to changes in their environment.

What you will receive? 

You will receive one piece of Manzanita wood that will be around 6 inches in size. The size of each piece will vary. If ordering more than one piece, we will do our best to include different sizes and branch shapes.