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I absolutely love Malaysian Trumpet Snails, despite some people not liking them. I personally breed these in my goldfish tank with white sand. Between these guys and my goldfish my white sand stays white with 0 cleaning. How do they keep it clean? They burrow into the sand during the day eating bits of food. When they burrow, they turn over the sand so detritus and algae can't settle on the sand. 

When Malaysian Trumpet Snails burrow it's great for planted tanks. Burrowing allows the detritus that you would normally have to vacuum up, make its way down into your substrate. This is essentially added nutrients to the roots of your plants naturally. This also will loosen substrate around the roots of plants which promotes healthier roots. 

One problem a lot of people have with these guys is they breed very quickly. I personally don't mind this, but you might. They also don't lay eggs, which I like because then you don't have to see them all over the aquarium.

Lastly during the day, you won't see these guys, they are nocturnal for the most part.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care:

  • Best kept between 70°f and 78°f.

  • Will eat leftover food from feeding your fish, algae, and detritus. They won't eat healthy plants, any dying plant mater they will clean up for you.

  • Will need calcium in diet or water.


  • Snails will come in a plastic container with a damp paper towel. When you open the snails, smell the inside of the container. If there is no rancid or rotting smell the snails should all be alive. A slight smell could mean there is some that didn't make the trip.

  • Place all snails in one area in your tank so you can keep track of them. Make sure the opening of their shells is facing down. They will usually start moving within a few hours but could take a few days. 

  • Sizes of snails will vary between 1/8"-1/2" in size.

  • Please read DOA policy below.

DOA Policy:

We will only replace, refund, or partial refund these snails if more than 50% are DOA. We will ask though that you place snails in your tank for up to a week to see if they are in fact dead or not. Please note the "Free Snails" are there to compensate for any DOA's that could happen and will not be considered part of the 50%.