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    Anubias Nana is a great beginner plant for any tank. You can't kill this plant unless you really go out of your way to do it. Anubias Nana grows by having a horizontal rhizome and producing vertical leaves. When planting Anubias Nana, do not bury the rhizome in your substrate. Only bury the roots, attach to driftwood, or attach to rocks. You can propagate this plant by cutting the rhizome in half and moving the cutting to another area. This will allow both cuttings to keep growing.

    Much like other Anubias, Anubias Nana can be easily attached to driftwood or rocks. You can also plant Anubias Nana, however, make sure the horizontal rhizome or stem is above the substrate. It can also be easily propagated by cutting the rhizome into smaller sections. We recommend leaving 2-3 leaves per section.

    Care Level: Easy

    Lighting Requirement: Low

    Co2: Not Needed

    Growth Rate: Slow

    Origin: North America

    Tank Placement: Foreground - Mid-ground

    Tank Size: Any size, because Anubias plants grow slowly they are great for any sized aquarium.

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    Anubias Nana - H2O Plants Anubias Nana - H2O Plants Anubias Nana - H2O Plants Anubias Nana - H2O Plants