Aquachar - Natural Filter Charcoal

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*Does not come with mesh bag, if you need a bag click this link*

AquaChar is a Natural Alternative to Activated Carbon

Benefits Of AquaChar

  • Makes water healthy and crystal clear: When you add AquaChar to your aquarium it absorbs contaminants from the water column creating crystal clear water.
  • Purifies contaminants: AquaChar is negatively charged while most organics are positively charged. This attractions sucks contamination into the AquaChar
  • Stabilizes pH: Over the first 24 hours AquaChar starts to balance the aquarium pH
      • Freshwater: keeps 7.5-7.8 – This may vary depending on decoration, bioload, and substrate choices
      • Saltwater: prevents crashing from CO2 build up creating a balance for fish and corals
  • Surface area of 20 bioballs per gram*: Keeping the structure of wood in tact allows for massive pockets inside the carbon for beneficial bacteria to colonize
  • Helps control ammonia, Nitrates, and Nitrites: When something happens (new fish, bacteria crash, dead fish, etc) AquaChar prevents a rapid, large spike in parameters that is often a tank killer.
  • Lasts for 4-6+ months depending on bio-load: If water remains clear avoid excessive water changes because it removes the beneficial bacteria in your tank. Water changes are fine but will slightly reduce the lifespan of pH buffering. Leave old AquaChar in filter when adding new AquaChar to increase bacteria seeding.

Place in nylon bag and rinse thoroughly until water is clean. Place bag anywhere in your filtration system where water makes contact with the AquaChar.

We recycle resources from the Earth to create a safe product which uses Nature’s power to maintain your aquarium with optimal clarity.

AquaChar is not a chemical or synthetic product and provides a natural alternative to activated carbon.

* bioballs =1.5m2/g, Aquachar = 32 m2/g. Current AquaChar surface area might be higher as the process has been refined to produce a lighter product

**One cup of Aquachar is pictured.

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Aquachar - Natural Filter Charcoal - H2O Plants Aquachar - Natural Filter Charcoal - H2O Plants Aquachar - Natural Filter Charcoal - H2O Plants