Brightwell Shrimp/Plant Soil - Clay (Laterite/Laterin Substrat)

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FlorinBase Laterin Substrat by Brightwell Aquatics is a clay based substrate which is designed for planted aquariums and shrimp tanks. FlorinBase is an ideal media to be used underneath gravel or other planted substrate (like Brightwell Shrimp/Plant Soil). We used FlorinBase as a base layer in our 400 gallon planted shrimp tank and have had phenomenal results. For a lush planted shrimp tank, FlorinBase is a step in the right direction. 

Although FlorinBase is designed to be used under gravel or under other substrates, size fine (F) can be rinsed and used as a top layer. We recommended capping the FlorinBase layer with Birghtwell Shrimp/Plant Soil. 

Reasons to Use: 

  • Used as a base layer for added nutrients and lush plant growth
  • Ideal for shrimp aquariums to reduce the need of liquid fertilizers
  • Provides nutrients for root feeding plants
  • Made from kiln fired clay and rich in iron


    • 5 lbs per 10 gallons of water
    • Apply 1 layer of each in the following order for best results (not necessary)
    • Layer 1 - FlorinBase Laterite Powder
    • Layer 2 - FlorinBase Laterin Substrat VF
    • Layer 3 - ForinBase Laterin Substrat F
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