Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Green, or Bronze)

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Say hello to our Cryptocoryne Wendtii family—available in red, brown, green, and bronze varieties. These beauties are carefully cultivated in our nursery, where they bask in their emersed glory. Now, the deal with Cryptocoryne Wendtii is that it's not the speed demon of the plant world, so we wait until we spot two submerged leaves before sending it your way.


  • Variety of colors: Cryptocoryne Wendtii comes in several color variations, from deep green to bronze and reddish hues. The leaves can be ruffled or smooth, adding further diversity to its visual appeal.

  • Adaptable foliage: Depending on lighting and other environmental conditions, the leaves can grow in various shapes and sizes. In lower light, they might be broader and lie closer to the substrate, while brighter light encourages taller, narrower growth.

  • Rhizome growth: This plant spreads through runners and rhizomes, forming compact clumps or even carpets, depending on how you trim and manage it.

Adaptability and Care:

  • Hardy and easygoing: Cryptocoryne Wendtii is a relatively hardy plant that thrives in a wide range of water conditions. It tolerates moderate to high temperatures, various pH levels, and even lower light, making it suitable for beginners.

  • Slow but steady: Don't expect lightning-fast growth from Cryptocoryne Wendtii. It's a slow-growing plant that prefers stability. Moving it around too much can cause "melt," so find a good spot and let it establish itself.

  • Nutrient needs: While not demanding, Cryptocoryne Wendtii benefits from occasional fertilization with root tabs or liquid fertilizers for optimal growth and vibrant coloration.


  • Visual interest: The diverse colors and textures of Cryptocoryne Wendtii add a natural touch and visual interest to aquascapes. Its adaptable foliage allows for creative positioning and shaping.

  • Hiding places: The dense growth provides excellent hiding spots and security for fish fry, shrimp, and other small aquatic creatures.

  • Water quality: Cryptocoryne Wendtii absorbs excess nutrients, helping to prevent algae growth and maintain good water quality.

  • Low maintenance: This plant doesn't require special soil or CO2 injection, making it a hassle-free choice for busy aquascapers.

Best Roommates:

  • Java Fern (Midground to background)
  • Anubias Nana (Midground to background)
  • Christmas Moss (Foreground to midground)
  • Marimo Moss Balls (Foreground to midground)
  • Staurogyne repens (Foreground to midground)


Sold As: Potted

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low-Med

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Medium

Origin: North America

Tank Placement: Foreground - Midground

For more information on this plant watch the video below:


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Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Green, or Bronze) - H2O Plants Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Brown, Green, Bronze) - H2O Plants Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Green, or Bronze) - H2O Plants Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Brown, Green, Bronze) - H2O Plants Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Brown, Green, Bronze) - H2O Plants Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red, Brown, Green, Bronze) - H2O Plants