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Dennerle Accent Rocks - 500 grams

Practically every aquarist is familiar with the art of aquascaping. This art form is entirely dedicated to the design of underwater worlds in the aquarium. The individual design can be quite a challenge for the aquarist. Numerous other underwater landscapes offer inspiration for one's own approach. Whether mountains, gentle hills or deep valleys - aquascaping is becoming more and more common in aquariums all over the world. Of course, when it comes to designing your own aquatic landscape, the use of accent rocks is incredibly popular for creating a rough-looking environment, and the Dennerle Accent Rocks are a good example of this.

What can you do with Dennerle Accent Rocks?

One of the most popular forms of aquascapes is the "hardscape". This is done using active soil, gravel or sand, which can be spiked with nutrient medium if necessary. Stones and roots, properly staged, also shape the impression of your creation and provide the right ambience. The Dennerle Accent Stones are perfect for this due to their wide range of colours and shapes and are therefore often the focal point of a well-structured aquarium.

How do the Dennerle Accent Rocks influence your aquarium?

As far as the water quality of your aquarium goes, you have nothing to worry about. The Dennerle Accent Rocks don't impact your water values in any way and are completely free of calc. In rare cases, you may see a small increase in pH with the Dennerle River variation. In addition to their looks, another benefit of Dennerle Accent Rocks is the spaces between the accent rocks are perfect breeding grounds for healthy aquarium bacteria. These bacterial colonies are necessary to eliminate waste from the fish, leftover food, and plant debris.