Double Flowering Arrowhead Sagittaria

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Double Flowering Arrowhead Sagittaria is a stunning and hardy pond plant. Double Flowering Arrowhead Saggittaria's foliage is shaped like an arrowhead (obviously) and will product tiny clusters of small white flowers that resemble carnations. You can expect this plant to grow 2-4 feet tall. It's best to plant this in a shallow area of a pond or an aquarium where the roots will remain wet and only up to 5" above the roots and keep the rest of the leaves dry. 

We recommended that you use our Vital Tabs to provide this plant with enough nutrients to give you beautiful blooms throughout the season.

Scientific Name: Arrowhead Plena or Sagittaria Japonica

Planting Instructions:
Height: 24 - 48 inches tall
Width: 12 - 24 inches wide
Lighting Requirements: Full sun to part shade
Zone Hardy: 5 - 11