Dwarf Water Lettuce

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Dwarf Water Lettuce is a super easy floating plant for any aquarium. Dwarf Water Lettuce is great at providing some shade for your slow growing plants and fish, some might even snack on it. Dwarf Water Lettuce reproduces rapidly by sending out daughter plants. It doesn't need anything special to thrive and will help to reduce nitrate buildups in your tank. Dwarf Water Lettuce plant can grow bigger than normal if the surface water has no movement. If it does, the size will get to be slightly bigger than a quarter.

Warning! This plant is a wild card when it comes to shipping. We have had instances where this plant does not arrive in the best condition. Some leaves may be yellow, roots might be lost, and some leaves might have fallen off. Usually, this plant will bounce back as long as there are a few green leaves. We can NOT guarantee this plant will arrive in the best condition. We still want to offer it to our customers as many people seek out this plant.

Scientific Name: Pistia Stratioes

Sold As: Approx 6 Plants 

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Medium

Origin: Africa and South America

Tank Placement: Floating


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