Four Leaf Clover (Dwarf)

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Scientific Name: Marsilea Crenata

Sold As: 1 Rooted Plant (Approx 4-10 Leaves) 

Care Level: Medium

Lighting Requirement: Low-Medium

Co2: Not Required but will carpet faster

Growth Rate: Slow

Origin: Asia

Tank Placement: Foreground as carpet

(This plant is exactly like regular Four Leaf Clover however it has much smaller leaves.) According to my research this is a plant that will form a carpet in lower light plants. Co2 is not needed for this but will definitely speed it up. You'll be getting a plant that only has been partially transitioned from its emmersed to submerged growth. New leaves will be a lot shorter then what it first looks like when you get it in. If you want the leaves to grow even shorter adding a more powerful light is recommended. It will carpet through creeping runners.

Most plants are sold as trimmings from rooted plants unless otherwise stated. All trimmings will be at least 3" in height unless otherwise noted.

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