Dwarf Four Leaf Clover | Easy Carpeting Aquarium Plant

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Dwarf Four Leaf Clover is an extremely easy carpeting aquatic plant. Dwarf Four Leaf Clover is a very small aquarium plant making it perfect for both nano tanks and larger tanks. Dwarf Four Leaf Clover produces leaf stalks with 3-4 small leaves on top. It grows by producing horizontal runners beneath the substrate. To propagate its best to cut the runners and relocate to where you want in the tank. Dwarf Four Leaf Clover does not need co2 to grow but if you want to speed up its growth it will certainly help. 

You'll be getting a plant that only has been partially transitioned from its immersed to submerged growth. When you get this plant, the bigger leaves may be browning, this is fine as those are the old leaves and will die back anyway. New leaves will be a lot shorter than what it first looks like when you first receive it. If you want the leaves to grow even shorter, more powerful light is recommended. 

Scientific Name: Marsilea Crenata

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low

Co2: Not Required but will carpet faster

Growth Rate: Slow

Origin: Asia

Tank Placement: Foreground as carpet

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