Guppy Grass | Najas Guadelupensis | Floating Aquarium Plant

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Guppy Grass is a great beginner aquarium plant especially if you are breeding fish or shrimp. Guppy Grass is a fast growing aquarium plant and can be planted or floated. Guppy Grass has slightly transparent green leaves. It is great at absorbing excess waste for the tank inhabitants. Guppy grass may sometimes come bunched with a weight or as a handful of stems. This varies from week to week from our suppliers.

Warning! This plant is a wild card when it comes to shipping. We have had instances where this plant does not arrive in the best condition. Sometimes a lot of the leave will melt during shipping. As long as the stems are firm they should be fine and bounce back. If it arrives in poor condition remove and black or mushy leaves and float the stems, also shoot us an email and let us know. We can NOT guarantee this plant will arrive in the best condition. We still want to offer it to our customers as many people seek out this plant.

Also Known:  Najas guadelupensis

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low

Co2: Not needed

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: North America

Tank Placement: Midground-Background Or Floating


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Guppy Grass | Najas Guadelupensis | Floating Aquarium Plant - H2O Plants