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Ready to add a burst of vibrancy to your aquarium? Enter Red Root Floaters (Phyllanthus Fluitans), the aquatic magic trick that brings a unique touch to your underwater haven. These aren't just your average floating plants; they're the trendsetters with a distinctive feature—only one leaf per node, setting them apart from their Salvinia counterparts.

Picture this: the ambiance of your aquarium transformed, all thanks to the LED aquarium lighting you choose. But what steals the show? The red roots that earned them their catchy name. It's like a splash of color that adds an extra layer of allure to your aquatic display.

Now, here's the cool part—caring for these beauties is a breeze. Offer them optimal conditions, and they'll repay you with speedy growth, accompanied by adorable little white flowers that'll make your aquarium even more enchanting. But that's not all—Red Root Floaters are more than just eye candy. They're the multitaskers of the aquatic world, providing natural cover for shrimp, skittish fish, and fry. Plus, they're the unsung heroes of natural water filtration, making your underwater world not just visually appealing but also a healthier habitat for your aquatic buddies.

Ready to turn your aquarium into a dynamic, thriving masterpiece? Red Root Floaters are the key, promising a burst of color, rapid growth, and a host of benefits that'll make your underwater oasis a sight to behold.


  • Vibrant contrast: The Red Root Floater's most striking feature is its contrasting color scheme. Delicate, oval-shaped leaves boast a vibrant green topside, while the underside and roots showcase a mesmerizing shade of blood red. This creates a stunning visual contrast that adds depth and interest to your aquascape.

  • Unique form: Unlike many other floating plants, the Red Root Floater doesn't form dense mats. Instead, it grows individually, with each plant boasting a single leaf supported by a network of fine, red roots. This creates a sense of airiness and elegance, preventing your water surface from becoming completely blocked.

  • Adaptable growth: While Red Root Floaters primarily float, they can also adapt to growing attached to rocks or driftwood. This versatility allows you to incorporate them into your aquascape in different ways, adding flexibility to your design.

Adaptability and Care:

  • Easygoing survivor: This plant thrives in a wide range of water conditions, making it ideal for beginners. It tolerates temperatures between 68-82°F (20-28°C), moderate to high lighting, and slightly acidic to neutral pH levels.

  • Moderate grower: The Red Root Floater grows at a steady pace, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without worrying about it taking over your aquarium. However, regular removal of older leaves or excess plants can be necessary to maintain balance and prevent shading issues.

  • Low maintenance: This undemanding plant doesn't require specialized fertilizers or CO2 injection. Occasional liquid nutrient supplementation can enhance its color, but good overall water quality is key to its health.


  • Visual impact: The Red Root Floater's vibrant colors and unique form make it a captivating focal point in any aquascape. It stands out against other plants and fish, adding a touch of drama and tropical flair.

  • Hiding haven: The floating leaves provide excellent cover and security for smaller fish, fry, and shrimp. They'll appreciate the safe haven amidst the colorful foliage.

  • Water purifier: This plant helps absorb excess nutrients from the water, preventing algae growth and maintaining good water quality for a healthy ecosystem.

  • Oxygen provider: The Red Root Floater contributes to oxygenation in the water column, further benefitting the health of your aquatic inhabitants.

Here are some additional tips for caring for Red Root Floater:

  • Avoid placing them in strong water currents, as this can damage their delicate leaves.
  • Provide moderate to high lighting for optimal color and growth.
  • Regular partial water changes are beneficial for maintaining good water quality.
  • Don't bury the roots in the substrate, as this can hinder their growth.


Scientific Name: Phyllanthus Fluitans

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Medium

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: South America

Tank Placement: Floating


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Red Root Floater | Phyllanthus Fluitans - H2O Plants Red Root Floater | Phyllanthus Fluitans - H2O Plants Red Root Floater | Phyllanthus Fluitans - H2O Plants