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Seiryu stone is one of the most beautiful rocks we have ever seen here at Flip Aquatics. The rock ranges from a deep grey-blue to a blackish grey. The layered appearance makes Seiryu stone great for creating master piece aquascapes. Since the stone has some white mineral veins (calcium deposits) running through it, the Ph in your aquarium most likely will rise. You can combat this by adding in driftwood or other natural product like Indian almond leaves or alder cones. Seiryu stone is rather heave so it is important to make sure it is secure in your aquarium. Falling pieces could damage your aquarium.

For best results we recommend rinsing rocks before addition to an aquarium. Although all pieces are cleaned, it is natural for rock to create additional dust during shipping.

You will receive a 10lb or more bulk package of Seiryu Stones or a numbered package that will include hand selected pieces. Each piece is inspected and packaged with care to help protect the character of each stone.

*Each piece is different. When buying in bulk, you will get a random selection of 2 to 4 stones. The stones in bulk packages will not be identical to the bulk package pictures.*