Shrimp Wood

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You will be receiving one (1) piece of Shrimp Wood that will be between 7 to 10 inches in length. All pieces of wood will be unique in shape.

Key Features:

  • Essential for Shrimp Breeding 
  • Creates Surface Area for Bio-film and Bacterial to Grow
  • Releases Beneficial Tannin into the Water which Simulates the Natural Habitat of Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Places for Shrimp
  • Natural Feeding Ground for Shrimp of all Types
Shrimp Wood closely resembles Malaysian driftwood but features an exceptional twist – it's riddled with intricate holes and crevices, providing a haven for your cherished shrimp. Specifically tailored to cater to the unique needs of freshwater shrimp, these natural tunnels and hideaways offer security and comfort. Whether you're designing a biotope or an aquascape, Shrimp Wood offers endless creative possibilities. It's safe, durable, and easy to maintain, ensuring a long-lasting and enchanting addition to your tank. Enhance the lives of your shrimp with Shrimp Wood, providing them with a natural refuge and enriching your aquatic environment.