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Spider driftwood is a very popular aquarium driftwood among aquarium hobbyist and professional Aquascapers. Spider driftwood often have lots of curved or protruding branches that can create amazing focal points for your aquarium. You can attach many aquarium plants to all the branches. A few plants we recommend are Anubias Nana Petite, Java Fern, Fissidens Nobilis.

Benefits of Spider driftwood:

  • It will help to provide hiding places for Baby Fish or Shrimp.

  • Create a surface for biofilm to form that Shrimp or Pleco type fish can eat.

  • Tannins will leech out from the wood over time promoting a healthier and more natural habitat for your livestock. Tannins have been shown to have antibacterial properties.

  • Help lower the tank PH and/or Soften the water.

The size of a small will be between 6"-8".

The size of a medium will be between 8"-12".

The pictures of this product are just a sample of something you might get. Sizes and shapes will vary.

PLEASE NOTE: Driftwood colors will darken in water and release tannins which will cause the water to have a brownish tint. Spider Driftwood releases less tannins them some other woods so the tint should be minimal. Please soak or boil before putting in your tank so it sinks.


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