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Spider wood is a very unique type of wood used in the aquarium hobby. The wood has lots of extensions giving it a tree like appearance. Spider wood is often a popular choice when aquascaping aquariums do to the amount of plants that can be attached to the branches.

Spider wood is different than most driftwood in the fact that it has been dried out to be lightweight for shipping purposes. This means that it will not sink immediately and will need weighted down for about a week until it is fully saturated again. The amount of tannins released by spider wood is much less than Mopani and Malaysian driftwood which is appealing in some cases. Once your spider wood has been submerged there is a potential for a white film to develop. The film is not harmful and will be eaten by some fish, all shrimp, and snails.

It is important to note that some types of plecos will eat the spider wood because it is soft compared to other driftwood types.

You will be receiving one (1) piece of Spider wood or a pack of three (3) pieces of spider wood. Each pieces will be between 8 to 16 inches in length. All pieces of spider wood are unique in shape and size. We only send pieces that we would happily put in our own aquariums. These are some spectacular pieces of wood! 

Key Features:

  • Essential for Shrimp Breeding 
  • Creates Surface Area for Bio-film and Bacterial to Grow
  • Releases Beneficial Tannin into the Water which Simulates the Natural Habitat of Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Places for Shrimp
  • Natural Feeding Ground for Shrimp of all Types