Variegated Cattail

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Variegated Cattails are a variegated form of the regular cattail plant. Variegated Cattails have long green foliage with a yellow stripping in the leaf. Variegated Cattails can grow between 4-5 feet tall. This plant can tolerate being planted in up to 12" of water above the roots, however, keep the rest above the water and dry.

We recommended that you use our Vital Tabs to provide this plant with enough nutrients to give you beautiful foliage throughout the season.

Scientific Name: Typha Latifolia Variegata

Planting Instructions:
Height: 4 - 5 feet tall
Width: 12 - 18 inches wide
Lighting Requirements: Full sun to part shade
Zone Hardy: 3 - 10

Variegated Cattail - H2O Plants Variegated Cattail - H2O Plants