Water Sprite (Indian Fern)

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Please not; Often times this plant may have some browning leaves on it, we normally would remove these but they usually produce baby plants. So we like to leave them on so you get extra plants. You can remove the browning leaf and toss if you'd like.

Scientific Name: Ceratopteris Thalictroides

Sold As: 1 Rooted Plant

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low - Medium

Co2: Low

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: Asia

Tank Placement: Mid-ground-Background

Next to Water Wisteria this would be the next easiest plant to grow in your tank. This plant can become a plant similar to a sword with many stems coming from a central location. However most people float this plant in their aquarium because its difficult to keep rooted sometimes. This plant will grow in just about any tank, but with a decent light and a little co2 it will take over. Its an excellent source to absorb Nitrates from fish waste out of the water. Its also great for Fry to hide in. It will propagate similar to Java Fern where it will send out baby Water Sprite from its leaves. You can either let it float or put the stem in the substrate and wait for baby plants to emerge from the leaves. You will have so much you won't know what to do with it all.

Most plants are sold as trimmings from rooted plants unless otherwise stated. All trimmings will be at least 3" in height unless otherwise noted.

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