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Meet Hygrophila Difformis, the aquatic maestro also known as Water Wisteria or Water Sprite—a beginner's dream in the world of aquarium plants. This speedy stem plant is a green thumb's delight, offering easy care, adaptability to various tank conditions, and minimal maintenance demands. The vibrant green foliage of Water Wisteria is like a burst of freshness, turning any aquarium into a lively underwater haven.


  • Lush emerald foliage: Water Wisteria boasts delicate, feathery leaves in a vibrant emerald green hue. These leaves grow in whorls around the stems, creating a cascading, graceful form that sways gently with the water current.

  • Adaptable form: This plant can grow in various heights depending on its placement and pruning. In the foreground, it forms dense, low-growing carpets, while in the midground or background, it can reach up to 2 feet, offering a lush curtain effect.

  • Subtle blooms: During warmer months, Water Wisteria may reward you with delicate lavender flowers tucked amongst the foliage. These add a charming touch of whimsy to your underwater world.

Adaptability and Care:

  • Easygoing nature: This plant is a true friend to beginner aquascapers! It thrives in a wide range of water conditions, tolerating temperatures between 68-82°F (20-28°C) and moderate to high lighting.

  • Fast grower: Water Wisteria loves to spread its leafy charms, growing fairly quickly. Regular trimming ensures it maintains its desired shape and prevents overgrowth.

  • Nutrient enthusiast: Like any vigorous plant, Water Wisteria enjoys occasional fertilization with root tabs or comprehensive plant nutrients for optimal growth and vibrant coloration.


  • Visual appeal: The lush green foliage and graceful form of Water Wisteria add a touch of natural beauty and movement to any aquascape. It creates a stunning contrast with colorful fish and hardscapes.

  • Hiding haven: The dense growth provides excellent hiding places and security for fish fry, shrimp, and other small aquatic creatures, making them feel safe and comfortable.

  • Water purifier: This plant acts as a natural filter, absorbing excess nutrients from the water and helping to prevent algae growth, keeping your underwater world clean and healthy.

  • Oxygen provider: Water Wisteria contributes to oxygenation in the water column, further benefiting the health of your aquatic ecosystem.

Best Roommates:

  • Java Moss (Foreground to midground)
  • Anubias Nana (Midground to background)
  • Ludwigia SP Red (Background)
  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Foreground to midground)
  • Amazon Sword (Background)


Scientific Name: Hygrophila Difformis

Sold As: 3 Stems

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low

Co2: Not Needed

Growth Rate: Fast

Origin: India

Tank Placement: Midground-Background

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Water Wisteria | Hygrophila Difformis - H2O Plants Water Wisteria | Hygrophila Difformis - H2O Plants Water Wisteria - H2O Plants Water Wisteria | Hygrophila Difformis - H2O Plants