Weeping Moss | Vesicularia Ferriei

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Get ready for the grandeur of Vesicularia Ferriei Weeping Moss, the true star of aquarium showstoppers! This moss doesn't just make a statement; it's an aquatic masterpiece with lush foliage and tear-drop shaped leaves that turn your tank into a mesmerizing underwater haven.

What makes it a standout? Well, for starters, it's the low-maintenance diva you've been dreaming of. Vesicularia Ferriei can handle whatever aquarium conditions you throw its way, making it the perfect companion for beginners and seasoned aquarists alike. But here's the cool part—it's not just any moss; it's a versatile artist that effortlessly attaches to driftwood and rocks, bringing your aquascape to life.

Maintenance is a breeze, too. Give it a little trim now and then, and voila, you'll have a flourishing carpet of elegance that'll make your tank the talk of the town. This moss isn't just greenery; it's a majestic touch that adds character, depth, and contrast to your aquascape, turning it into a visual spectacle.

Imagine this: in a jungle or forest layout, Vesicularia Ferriei Weeping Moss takes center stage, making you the envy of your fishy friends. It's not just a moss; it's an aquatic work of art that transforms your tank into a lush, green kingdom.

Vesicularia Ferriei Weeping Moss is the key, promising not just a showstopper but an underwater masterpiece that'll leave everyone in awe.


  • Gravitational grace: Unlike most mosses, Weeping Moss doesn't creep or carpet. Instead, it grows in delicate, teardrop-shaped shoots that gracefully droop downwards, resembling willow branches swaying in the breeze. This creates a unique sense of movement and depth in your aquascape.

  • Emerald elegance: The vibrant green shoots of Weeping Moss add a touch of natural beauty to any underwater scene. They contrast beautifully with colorful fish and darker backgrounds, creating a captivating visual dance.

  • Textural intrigue: Don't underestimate the charm of the submerged stems. They often display intricate patterns and subtle colorations, adding another layer of visual interest to the plant.

Adaptability and Care:

  • Hardy survivor: Weeping Moss thrives in a wide range of water conditions, making it ideal for beginners. It tolerates temperatures between 68-82°F (20-28°C), moderate to high lighting, and a slightly acidic to neutral pH range.

  • Slow grower: Unlike some fast-growing mosses, Weeping Moss takes its time, allowing you to savor its gradual elegance. This slower growth can be advantageous for aquascapers who prefer a more controlled visual development.

  • Nutrient enthusiast: As a heavy feeder, this plant benefits from regular fertilization with root tabs or comprehensive plant nutrients. Iron-rich formulas can help enhance its vibrant green coloration.


  • Visual impact: The unique drooping form and vibrant green hue of Weeping Moss make it a captivating focal point in any aquascape. It adds a touch of drama, elegance, and a hint of the tropics to your underwater world.

  • Hiding haven: The dense foliage provides excellent hiding places and security for fish fry, shrimp, and other small aquatic creatures. They'll appreciate the safe haven within its cascading greenery.

  • Oxygen provider: Weeping Moss contributes to oxygenation in the water column, further benefitting the health of your aquatic inhabitants.


Scientific Name: Vesicularia Ferriei

Sold As: Cup Portion

Care Level: Easy

Lighting Requirement: Low-Med

Co2: Not Required

Growth Rate: Low

Origin: Asia

Tank Placement: Foreground-midground

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