How to get the most Colorful and Happy Bettas.

"I will be talking about Bettas in a planted tank and the benefits included. Drop those fake plants and dive into the world of plants, hardscape, and imagination." 

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Hey there! My name is Ryan and I run an Instagram account dedicated to all things related to the beautiful Betta Splendens. I’ve been in this hobby and running my betta Instagram page for over five years now, and the hobby still has it’s spark. You can find me at @Fancybettas! In this article, I will be talking about bettas in a planted tank and the benefits included. Drop those fake plants and dive into the world of plants, hardscape, and imagination.
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Every time you do your weekly pet run, you notice these cups on the shelves with these individually cupped fish called “Betta fish”. Upon buying one you’re simply told to grab a small bowl or some sort of small kiddy kit for your new friend. You pick up a fake plant and colorful gravel. But upon setting up this tank you go online and you see all these awesome aquascaped tanks with lush green live plants all over the internet. You wonder whether you made the right decision to take home a betta in that small, colorful tank.

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I am here to tell you that bettas do not belong in a tiny, cold container that’s said to be it’s permanent home. It is meant for better! You can keep a betta successfully in a beautifully planted tank. With all the benefits live plants can provide for your betta fish, he or she will enjoy a much longer life!

half moon male betta
Betta fish comes in many different colors and forms. There is always one for everyone. Colors ranging from white to black, green to red, and orange to purple! They not only make a beautiful addition to your planted or nano tank, but they also have the best personalities! However, most people skip over that and use these underrated fish as decoration while not appreciating them for what they truly are. Therefore their true colors cannot shine.

koi halfmoon double tail female betta
The siamese fighting fish has a labyrinth organ which means they can breathe air! Live plants will not harm it. They create oxygen which can be super helpful to the fish, and it can also filter the water (Alongside your appropriate aquarium filter and heater). They also create territories and shelters for your betta fish when he or she feels threatened in the open.

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But seeing live plants online can be intimidating and might discourage you from trying them with all the plant fertilizer, carbon dioxide injections, and fancy (expensive) lights. However, these are not a requirement. You can have a tank just as beautiful and behind the scenes, it’s sooooo easy!! Some betta-friendly beginner live plants include: Java fern, java moss (or other moss), anubias, floating plants, and more! These plants are affordable and easily accessible, you can find most of them here of course H2O Plants  or your local fish store! They come in different varieties while still remaining the same easy care as their original form. Java ferns have many different forms such as needle leaf, narrow leaf, trident, and windelov. However some forms of this simple plant can be expensive as some are more difficult to find. Good luck with your new simple planted betta tank!

Special thanks to @a_betta_world & @bettastorm for contributing photos.


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  • blair

    This site is amazing. You know your stuff and are SO great at explaining it concisely. I have been researching a lot of aquatic plant guides in preparation to build my first ever aquarium. Well, a paludarium I guess. I want it to have terrestrial, submerged and fully submerged native veg… Your site has been incredibly helpful, and I wish you weren’t sold out of so many things, but I’m using your stock as inspiration because you really seem to know what you’re doing.

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