Introducing Tropica potted plants. Tropica is one of the worlds leading growers of aquarium plants and their quality is next level. You can expect the pots from Tropica to be better quality and have more plant mass per pot. 

All non tissue culture aquarium plants we sell are either grown in our own tanks or come from nursery farms. Because of this we use snails, shrimp, fish, and other means to help keep the plants as free from algae and other possible pests. However, we do our best to remove anything we see prior to shipping but, we cannot guarantee plants you receive will be 100% algae or pest free. If receiving plants with snails, possible algae, or other "pests" is not something you want please consider ordering only tissue cultures or watch this video on how to effectively clean your aquarium plants. We will not issue a refund for plants because of snails or other possible hitchhikers.